Hi! We’re Dominique and Nathanuil DeMille! We love to cook, but only recently have we gotten anything resembling a regular schedule. We used to work retail and we know how difficult it can be for a family to put together a meal at dinnertime and have it ready, so we’re presenting our weekly menu and posting recipes on the day we make them. Most of our recipes are large enough to feed our friends and us, or more importantly have leftovers for lunches during the week! In general we try to stick to the one dish meal idea, so that we don’t dirty a lot of pots, pans, and dishes. Sometimes we’ll make something in addition if it’s easy enough, tasty enough, or we’re just really in the mood to cook, which definitely happens (it’s so much better than doing laundry!). Most of the recipes we get from online and then get modified to suit us better. We saved the recipes to our computer in a word document, so until recently we haven’t really kept track of where they come from. We’ll try to do a better job of that so we can credit the original authors of the recipes properly.

So each week on Sunday you can view our weekly menu, along with the shopping list for the week, which will include all ingredients needed for all recipes. We will post the recipes on the days we make them! Feel free to comment, and if you make one of the recipes tell us how you like it or what modifications you made.


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