Starting today, recipes I post here will be low carb following the Ketogenic diet. Below I explain our reason for switching from our previous high carb vegetarian diet to a low carb meat eating diet and then explain what exactly the diet is. The recipes will still be great, because we cook great food! So stay tuned, and enjoy the food.

So after studying different dieting options and trying vegan and raw, we’ve settled on the Ketogenic diet. Now,  here’s an important note when we discuss diet.  We don’t mean a temporary deprivation of foods we want for a short term gain (although keto is a good weight loss diet). We mean a long term healthy way of eating.

Keto isn’t for everyone. We all have different bodies and genes. This diet had proven beneficial for many people, including diabetics, stroke victims, and patients with hyperthyroidism. We have chosen this diet as a way to live healthy lives and diminish our risks for heart problems and alzheimers. This is not particularly a lose weight diet for us,  though it is a keep the weight off way of eating.

That’s enough about why we’ve chosen it,  this is what it is. Low carbohydrates, medium protein, high fat. Most people go by a 10% carbs, 20% protein, 70% fat ratio. Many of us have been taught that fat is bad and unhealthy for us, and there are unhealthy fats, but most natural sources are not. Our bodies currently use carbohydrates for energy because it’s easy. When we starve them of their current energy source, they redevelop the enzymes to use fat as the energy source (allowing you to lose weight of that is your goal). Carbs include sugars and grains. There are many recipes that allow replacements for bread using almond and coconut flours and sweeteners like stevia and Splenda are common for those who still crave sweets. One of the purposes of the diet however is to wean your body from sweet foods. However, I will likely have a few recipes that I try out and will share with you here.

So welcome to round two of Dinner With the DeMilles. Pull up a seat!