Chicken Lazone
This dish can easily be made with chicken or fake chicken. We’ve also made it with tempeh and it’s pretty great that way. We serve it over brown rice. Yum!

Ranchy Potatoes and Broccoli
I found myself at SAMs club last week trying to find some much needed organizational tools around the house as well as some bulk food items I’ve been using a lot lately (wheat flour, vegetable broth, vegetable bouillon) and while I must say apparently SAMs hates vegetarians, they did have a good price on red potatoes and frozen broccoli. I needed the potatoes for a soup, and I’ve been using a lot of broccoli too. So now I have to use up those potatoes because I hardly cook with them anymore. Long story short, I concocted this recipe after remembering alot of Pinterest posts about ranchy potatoes. We’ll see how mine turn out!

Dinner with friends
It’s election night, we’re having dinner with friends and avoiding all news coverage until its over. I’m very opinionated on who I think should win this election, but I’d rather avoid the stress of following it.

Mushroom Bisque
Yummy! The only downside is portabello and crimini mushrooms aren’t exactly cheap.

Hearty Tofu Chili
This recipe actually came from one of the tofu makers, so I will probably tweak it because oddly enough people who make products rarely use the best recipes for the product. One would think they’d go out of their way to find the best recipe they could…

Pad See-ew
I can’t tell you how much I want this to turn out amazing. I’ve been looking for this recipe ever since I started cooking at home (and we couldn’t afford to go out anymore).

Taco Chili
This was supposed to be taco soup, but while making it I decided I wanted a thicker consistency, so I’m calling it taco chili instead. YUMMY!

“Whatever Floats Your Boat” Brownies
I got this recipe off recipezaar long ago (before it became food.com and had ads everywhere!) and it really rocks! Downside is they’re really not healthy. Not even close! Upside is you can literally add anything to them or not as you desire! Nuts, fruit, candy, you name it. Too yummy!