This week we’re going to do a special on Pinterest recipes. These aren’t necassarily the most popular Pinterest recipes since most of those are not vegetarian and we don’t particularly want a week of lots of meat replacements, but just a collection of recipes found that are naturally vegetrian. Some of the recipes may be altered a bit to suit our tastes, but each one will link back to the original recipe pinned.

And for the first time ever, here’s a shopping list for the entire menu! Now this list is for people who have absolutely nothing in their pantries – no spices, no sauces, nada. I’m sure you’ll need to trim it down to just what you don’t have on hand if you’re interested in doing this week-long menu, but since we all have different ingredients on hand, here’s the whole shabang. My shopping list is significantly shorter since I have a lot of this on hand.

Creamy Garlic Pasta
Pasta just seems like one of the easiest things to do for Sunday nights. They’re generally no hassle and will typically serve a lot of people or easily be increased to do so.

Fruity Chocolate Tacos
Just like it says, chocolate tortillas filled with fruit! I presume this is a breakfast recipe, but we haven’t done a breakfast for dinner recipe before. Let’s start now.

Buffalo Cauliflower 
I love buffalo wings! Or used to… I haven’t had them in 5+ years since becoming a vegetarian. We don’t expect this to taste like buffalo wings, but roasted cauliflower is delicious, and cooked with buffalo sauce which  is delicious, should mean that this recipe is a winner. We’ll see!

Mini Pizzas (Spinach and Mushroom)

This is one of those recipes that wasn’t innately vegetarian, but is so limitless in options we’ll be making it vegetarian.

Roasted Parmesan Sweet Potatoes and Creamed Spinach
There’s a catch with this recipe… are sweet potatoes on the market yet? Hopefully so. Our son used to love sweet potatoes which are much more nutritious than white potatoes, and although we normally do one dish meals, I felt this one needed something to go along with it (and we needed more spinach).

Spanakopita Ciagars
So I keep looking for easier and easier ways to make bite sized spanakopita. Gonna try this recipe which has no layering, and essentially just rolls up one layer of phyllo dough around the filling at a time. Can we say yes please?

Baked Tofu
Here’s a marinated tofu recipe that looks really yummy and I saw it pinned more than once even by non-vegetarians which is typically a pretty good sign that I’ll probably like it. This will be served with brown rice. Yum!