Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Apologies for taking last week off. We have a new baby Dragon in our household (it’s the year of the water dragon in the Chinese calendar!) So this week we have a few new recipes that we haven’t tried/posted before that we hope you’ll enjoy. Either swing on by and meet our beautiful daughter and let us cook for you, or just try out the recipe yourself. Enjoy!

Fried Rice
I’ve always liked fried rice at Chinese and Thai restaurants, and even though it’s really cheap, figure I can make it cheaper. Gonna give this a shot here and hopefully it will also be just as tasty (if not tastier!) Good news is I can just not put peas in, which I very much dislike, and I can add more mushrooms! Win/win!

Ranch Parmesan Tofu
Simple, tasty, fast. What more could you ask for on a Monday night?

Spinach Enchiladas
This dish looks to be a little more expensive to make than what I’d normally do, but let me buy the ingredients and find out. It looks delicious so I’ve gotta try it, and it’s still going to be cheaper than a restaurant would charge for even plain cheese enchiladas. Looking forward to these indeed!

Sweet and Sour Chicken
Another chicken dish? Well yeah… if we have leftover fried rice I thought it would go along well with this and I really want to try this and see if the vegetarian chicken can handle it. Hoping it can!

Moroccan Flatbread
Mmm, these are just so tasty and so simple to make! Great recipe as we’re winding down our week.

Thai Noodles in a Spicy Peanut Sauce
This is a tad spicy but it’s easy to cut back on the spice. (My father-in-law would say it’s as spicy as catsup but he collects hot sauces from around the world) but it is absolutely delicious! I almost don’t want to wait until Friday to make it but I will because I want to space out my Asian influenced dishes a little bit.

Cheesy Taco Pockets
I’ve done things like this with spinach mixtures, but honestly, what could be more awesome than taco pockets? This looks to make quite a bit which means we could freeze some of them for later. At least, that’s the plan!