So we’re kind of expecting a new baby to come any day this week. With that being said, this week’s menu does have a couple of new recipes, and up until Dominique goes into labor you’re still welcome to come enjoy a good meal with us. We will be shopping on a daily basis to prevent from wasting any groceries, so definitely let us know if you’ll be able to make it. Once she’s born we plan to be sequestered in the house for a week or so.

Tomato Basil Cream Sauce with campanelle
So I decided this sauce was delicious in its own right without tortellini, plus tortellini just adds a lot of calories and fat that aren’t necessary to enjoy this sauce, so I found this interesting noodle at WalMart called campaneelle that looked like the sauce would cling to is really well.

Quinoa Black Bean Salad
I don’t think we’ve made this before on the menus, but quinoa is really quite an amazing grain. I love the taste and texture. You can always replace rice with this grain and it’s definitely a superfood. I’d like something ultra-healthy before entering the hospital and getting their version of vegetarian food.

Mushroom Bow Tie Pasta
Mmm, really quite a fan of this dish. Simple, and it always makes a ton!

Xi is due today, but assuming she’s late or that I’m not already at the hospital, we’ll be making some tasty black bean quesadillas with whole wheat tortillas. Not sure what all I’m going to put in them yet, but we’ll see when I go shopping.

Asian Baked Tofu
A marinated baked tofu recipe. I think I’ll try breading half of them, and leaving the other half unbreaded just to see which I prefer.

White Pizza
A very simple pizza with an olive oil basis. Might put a white sauce on it as I’ll have some leftover whipping cream. Probably spinach, mushrooms, and pineapple (baked pineapple is so good, I’ve even managed to convince Nathanuil!)

Pierogi Casserole

If we’ve made it this far we’re going to need a sturdy, tasty, and easy dish that will provide ample leftovers for the upcoming week. This dish may not be particularly healthy in and of itself, although cauliflower is definitely a good substitute and we’ll probably do some steamed brussel sprouts or some tasty greens to go on the side.