We are sorry for not posting the menu last Sunday. We usually do all of our planning and shopping on Sunday and Monday, but last week we were pretty busy both of those days. Everything is back on track though and we have a full week of delicious meals ready for consumption!

I love this dish, but we only make it on the weekends. it just takes a little more time than I have when it is just Octavian and I.

Mushroom Bow Tie Pasta
This is a dish Dominique and I love to make. It normally calls for a mixed blend of mushrooms that we cannot find so we just use criminis (baby portabellas). It is delicious and very easy to make. It also scales up well so you can make it for as large or small a group as you want.

Veggie Burgers
I don’t really like calling these burgers because unlike the hot dogs or sausages we are not trying to mimic the texture or flavor of a meat product, jut the shape. These are a great and flavorful all bean and vegetable patty though.

Ranch-Parmesan Chicken
Not really chicken but you wouldn’t be able to tell without knowing beforehand. Quorn makes an awesome product for capturing that texture. We did once make it with Tofu and I loved it, but I know that some people have an aversion to it.

Double Decker Taco Casserole
I know nothing about this dish. Dominique has been experimenting a lot recently and so far everything she comes up with is awesome so I have faith that this will follow.

Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas
I love quesadillas because you can pretty much do whatever you want to them. As long as the filling is not too loose then you will come out with a good meal.

Pierogi Casserole
We made this for the first time two weeks ago. It was awesome. So awesome, in fact, that Octavian ate his entire plateful without help or prompting.