A big thanks to Jordan and his wife Sara for being dinner guests tonight. The tamales were a hit, so much so that I forgot to take a picture until I was almost done eating mine, so facebook got half of a tamale as an example of the finished product.  Afterward Jordan, Drake, Dante, Octavian, and I all went out and had an epic sword fight. There is nothing quite as humbling as being beaten by a two year old. The only downer to the whole evening came right at the end when Dominique was stung by a yellow jacket while stuffing inserts into our pocket diapers. I guess it was better her hand than little mans behind, but I would rather no one be stung. I did manage to capture the offending insect in a ziplock baggy and he was not happy, in fact he got so pissed that he started to drip venom at one point. I never realized that wasp stingers were a) retractable (good info for my novel) and b) that they were so flexible. I not have a perfectly preserved yellow jacket sitting in my freezer for further inspection later. Dominique is doing well she will just have a sore hand for a few days.