Here is the first of our weekly menus

For drinks we only keep water, iced tea (sweetened and unsweeted) and coffee around the house, but feel free to bring any other refreshments you desire.

Jamaican Lentil Stew
A delicious stew with a coconut milk base. Very filling but not a typical heavy stew. Served with bread to sop up all the soup!

Arroz con Gandules
An authentic Guatemalan recipe given to us by a great friend. Translated to Rice with Pigeon Peas. Very tasty.

A classic dish, filling and perfect for a gathering of friends and engaging conversation. Served with a delicious garlic cheesy bread.
(Contains Soy)

Vegetable Chili
A tasty combination of vegetables and spices to rival any classic chili.

Potato Soup
A rich and cheesy baked potato soup!
(Contains dairy)

Mushroom Lasagna
A portabella lasagna with a fabulous combination of flavors, served with a side of oven roasted asparagus.

Bean and Cheese Tamales
Perhaps not the most authentic of tamale recipes, but good enough for us! Steamed in cornhusks and oh so good!

If you have any questions about ingredients, allergy concerns, or want to RSVP for any night feel free to contact me at Nathanuil@gmail.com,